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FurryMate Success Story – Everything Happens for a Reason for Jordan & Nick!

Hello, I am Jordan and my mate is Nick or other wise known as Jay Folfsky and Astaro Dalmatian. At first I lived very far away but I knew I would be moving back to my hometown. As an avid visitor to FurryMate, I browsed through matches in my town, there I found Astaro. It all started with simple messages and within the next few days I moved back to my hometown and we hung out for the first time. Today, we have been together 11 months exactly, and we both look for forward to many more good times together.  

Jay Folfsky: I personally thought I struck some fluffy gold when I first met Astaro in real life and as that being my first experience meeting someone I met online in real life it was a fantastic moment and I only gained love and my fluffy Bud. 

Astaro Dalmatian: All I can say is I wouldn’t change a moment! Everyday he only makes me more proud of him and proud to call him my mate. It wouldn’t have been possible without FurryMate! It’s also my first experience meeting someone for the first time. There’s a reason why everything happens for a reason! Thanks FurryMate!

Happy Us!Valentine's Day Success Story



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