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Jessica & Jimmy found one another at the right moment on FurryMate

We launched a Christmas contest a few weeks back, and asked user’s what their most weirdest online encounter was. Here’s what Jessica had to say:
The weirdest encounter I’ve ever had online was when I met my current mate. I was browsing around FurryMate, and all of a sudden, I got a message from him. I was in a relationship with someone else at the time, but I just got this weird feeling that I was meant to be with the man that just messaged me. I got the feeling right away, but I never said anything until my other relationship started to go sour. The man that messaged me actually saved me from a lot of heartache. He helped me to ease out of my last relationship, and pulled me into a new one with him. I couldn’t be happier! See picture below. It’s our first Christmas together.

Jessica and Jimmy’s fursona names are Oroboris (White Arcanine) & Raven (White Dire Wolf). You can check out their Deviantart profile here: http://auroradragon93.deviantart.com/



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