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FurryMate Christmas Contest Giveaway Winners! Check out their stories.

We would like to reveal our winners from the weirdest online encounter stories:

Ryan (6 month membership): Weirdest Chat I had was with a furry when I got a Strange IM on AIM so I answered it and we talked he wanted to know everything about furry that I knew and we decided to meet, and once we did turned out to be my older bro. I felt like : /

Kiefer (3 month membership): I got asked out by someone who was a complete an utter opposite of me. Always being rejected I said yes. He was a republican Pro Gun American Pride Activist from North Carolina with tattoos and piercings but was gay and a wolf. I am a Liberal pacifist from Ohio who has no piercings or tattoos and I voted for Obama. Also this guy was willing to drive all the way up to see me because he said he loved me that much. I freaked out and broke up with him. First time I ever did with anyone. Usually people dump me. Not the other way around. Was really freaky.

Bizbone (1 month membership): So started talking to her for a few months things seems to be going great. We decided to meet at a mall and go walk around eat lunch. The great smile and damn good artist from what she showed me. So finally we go to a restaurant and eat, well that’s the odd part we got seated and her ex was the waiter. Then thing exploded and got out of hand she went bat shit crazy and threw shit and I exited stage right. That was the last time I heard from her.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest. We had a blast reading over your funny stories!

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