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Another FurryMate.com Engagement!

We are excited to announce yet another FurryMate.com engagement story!

Furry dating site Engagement

Her side (Girliewolf89):

I signed up for FurryMate just looking to make friends I was off and on the site and finially I did a search and posted in the forums looking for people who lived in Oklahoma close to where I live just to hang out or whatever. He posted on my forum post and even sent me a message but I never acted on it until I was ready. We began talking and I only wanted to be friends since I just got out of a relationship. We talked off and on for a few months and then we finally met. Him and my daughter hit it off and I knew he was the one. Our first date was to the movies with my daughter and we saw Brave. We were both really nervous and I think him more than me. He finally asked me to be his girlfriend on July 1,2012 and from there we had sleep overs and we were just in sync and on September 14 he asked me to marry him.

His side (Pyrus):

I first joined FurryMate looking for friends and eventually a love.  I usually just lurked around, too nervous to actually talk to anyone, made a few posts in the forums but that was all. After a while I found myself returning to her page again and again.  I gathered myself and simply said hi at first, asking how she was doing, ect.  a short time later we decided to meet.  She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen, her daughter immediately took a liking to me, which I was happy for.  I asked her to be my girlfriend on the first of July, since then I’ve felt as though my entire world revolves around her.  We saw Brave for our first date, I was so nervous that I was shaking slightly, trying to hold her hand but I couldn’t.  the next time we met I was able to, my heart was racing so fast and I could feel my cheeks burning.  a couple weeks later I spent my first night with her, I barely slept as I could hardly believe I was with someone that I knew I wanted to spend my life with.  the time I’ve spent with her was the best in my entire life, I’ve felt myself change for the better and on September 14th I asked her to marry me, so that we could be each other’s forever.

Congratulations to Girliewolf89 and Pyrus! We wish you all the best in your life together.

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