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First FurryMate.com Engagement


Another Great FurryMate.com success story from Emily and Michael and the first FurryMate engagement! 

Emily: I learned about FurryMate from sofurry’s promotion when it first launched and decided to use it, of course I abandoned it for a while,  not really thinking it would work ’cause honestly how many furs can there be? Well, I come back one day and start scrolling through Floridian males….. I saw Mike’s picture…. there was something about his eyes that made me message him…

Mike: When I got her message I was surprised.. I looked through her  info and replied, after a while of talking I realized that she was purrfect. Emily is everything I’ve always wanted, and has proven herself to be a remarkable woman. A few months after we started our long distance relationship, she moved in with me. I love her with all my heart and have always been thankful to FurryMate for giving us a chance to meet, where otherwise we may never have. We are currently engaged and planning our wedding <3.

Emily: After talking to Michael for a bit I had to stop and blink, I never thought someone like him existed, he’s intelligent, loving, cuddly, a tad girly, geeky (We Play WoW, he’s my healer, I’m his tank), and overall everything I was looking for in a future husband and one good thing about our relationship, I don’t have to hide who and what I am to him, I can sit there and be all cute and cuddly like a kitten and he’ll be cuddling back purring.  ❤ 

Thank you for everything!

-Michael and Emily ❤


3 Comments on “First FurryMate.com Engagement”

  1. Candy says:

    This is so sweet. Me and my guy also met on FurryMate and got engaged about 5 months ago. I flew 4000 miles alone to meet him for the first time. Thanks, FM, too. ❤

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