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Another FurryMate Success Story!

Another great success testimonial for FurryMate.com – the ultimate furry dating site, thanks Rowan and congratulations!

…my only fursona picture at the time of meeting him was made by a artist he liked. We talked about using [FurryMate] for a little while, and had a lot in common that we liked about each other. I would defiantly suggest FurryMate, and have in the past, to single furs who want to help find their purrfect match. It’s a good place to look for someone. It’s not like a matching system that matches you for you, it helps you find someone you would like. I liked this idea better than eharmony or something similar. Of course there’s always that chance of not finding them the first time, that part hasn’t been seen yet with me and my mate, but FurryMate is a wonderful place. The chatting ability, as well as the guest book comments were a good idea. Being able to send winks to see if someone could pick up on it also was a nice idea.

Thank you for everything,

Rowan Nero (Paul McCallister)

Still looking for your purrfect partner? Login today and start your search at FurryMate.com, where real relationships begin.


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