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A FurryMate Love Story

Jake and Tim met on FurryMate! Here’s what they told us:

“Me and him met on FurryMate by accident. To be honest I wasn’t really looking for a serious thing when I found out about your site. But after talking to him I got to know him and we became friends and I started to develop something for him.

We met after my birthday and it was weird at first because it was my first meet with someone (from FurryMate). But I warmed up to him a lot faster than I thought I would before we met we were able to talk on the phone or hours on end…. we broke our record a few weeks ago with 5 hours. We never ran out of stuff to talk about and even now we still can’t.

Me and my mate are happy and it’s the first time either of us has found a relationship that isn’t’ just a one way street we each give what we want out. I love him so much and i couldn’t ask for a better friend or boyfriend. He’s my world and I know he feels the same way about me.

But yea that’s his and my story in a nut shell some of my friends have met him and loved him even one of my straight guy friends thought he was cool so yay for that. I just want to thank you again without you I wouldn’t have met him and we would both continue on the paths we were on. So thank you FurryMate for everything you’ve done for us.

Tim and Jake forever ❤

Peace out furries ;)”








One Comment on “A FurryMate Love Story”

  1. Sweet story there, glad to hear of their happiness together 🙂

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