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8 Reasons to choose FurryMate for your dating needs!

There are so many great reasons to choose FurryMate.com for all your dating needs, we had a hard time narrowing it down! Check out our list below of why FurryMate.com is your premier dating and relationship website:

1. Looking for a real relationship? Furrymate is the only site that encourages long term furry relationships to flourish.

2. We monitor our membership closely to guard against spammers, explicit material and to make sure everyone is having a great time!

3. Advanced software and features. We use the very best and latest software to provide you the coolest, newest and friendliest features.

4. We are always innovating – chat room, new design, improved matchmaking services are just around the corner!

5. No advertisements, we’re proud to offer you services without those bothersome ads!

6. We support our community,  from artists to the forums, we give back!

7. Blog and twitter account, We are always keeping you up to date with the latest news and events.

8. Great customer support, we are here for you! Have a question, complaint, or suggestion how we can improve our service? Email, tweet, or facebook us anytime!

We have grown to almost 4000 members in under two weeks! All thanks to you! We appreciate all your support as we continue to grow and work to help you find your purrfect match. Visit us today, FurryMate.comWhere real relationships begin


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