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Looking for a Furry Date? A cute Fur is waiting to chat with you!

We’re LIVE!

FurryMate.com is back and here to stay! As a special promotion, we are now offering free membership trials for 14 days to anyone that joins before June the 13th

Take advantage of this special offer and find that purrfect match today!

As you will notice almost all of the site functionality is now working purrfectly, but if you see any issues please do not hesitate to contact us. We are still working on integrating the design for the backend pages as well as tons of new features yet to come. The site will grow and develop with the community! We are really excited!

So what are you waiting for? Register at FurryMate.com today and find your purrfect partner.


3 Comments on “We’re LIVE!”

  1. Mathias_Wolf says:

    Got in just fine. Off to work now. Will edit in more info when I get home. Thanks for getting it back up again, Furrymate!

  2. PeterCat says:

    I just (re-)signed up for an account, and I’m a little disturbed that I got an error when attempting to use a strong, secure password: “Password can only contain letters, numbers and underscores.”

    Really? You should be using a salted hash function to encrypt passwords, which DOESN’T CARE what you give it.

  3. Perhaps should of noted in the post that you need to remake your account, least I presume so cus I can’t log in with my old credentials and when I re-registered it didn’t say the email had been used by a previous account.

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