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What’s going on with FurryMate?

It has been a long week for the team at FurryMate.com. As you might know, we launched Monday and soon after went down due to overwhelming traffic.

We immediately began working on moving the website to cloud servers which would allow us to handle all the incoming traffic. As we worked night and day on the migration, we noticed that the software we were using had many bugs and consumed an inordinate amount of CPU memory. The site would continue to run slow under load tests despite a very expensive new server infrastructure.

It was a difficult decision after all the investment and time spent, but we decided that we could not relaunch using the software we had built as there was a chance that our website could go down again. Since then we have worked to integrate a completely new backend to the website. Same look, but faster, more responsive and way more efficient.

We have also listened to the comments from our community and we are reworking the pricing as well as offering a two week trial to everyone as an apology for our issues so far.

We anticipate being up and running this week, so please stay posted! We really can’t wait to help you find that purrfect partner!


10 Comments on “What’s going on with FurryMate?”

  1. AnonFur says:

    Ah, yeah programming can be a pain like that sometimes. Slight mistake somewhere multiplied thousands of times over and everything goes to hell. Glad everything is under control.

  2. Voice says:

    Sounds like a good plan there. Can’t wait to see it up and running again! Thanks again for providing this service to the fandom. 😀

    • Peridotkitty says:

      Agreed. I think there is enough ‘yiff’ partner sites out there already :/

      • fluff says:

        There’s not that many decent ones out there, and you must be referring to Pounced.org.

      • Midnight Kitsune says:

        All I want to do is find a female fur that I can talk to without feeling like I need to strangle her boyfriend…

        As for all the crap you are getting: ignore it and take your time! I would rather wait a month or two extra and have the site running smoothly than have it up now and end up having to take it down again…

        As for the pricing and stuff: it was smart to offer the two week trial and I hope that the prices come down. One thing that I want to suggest is have something like a code system for the premium stuff were you can buy extra months, but not use them. This would be useful for furs that are in the military and can’t access the net, for those that want to buy it as a “gift,’ also it could be useful for prizes (as in you send them an email with the code in it and they could activate it at their most opportune time. Just a thought…

  3. RAD Moose says:

    Was the original site hand built or was FurryMate built on an existing social network platform? If so, I was wondering which one. And also, the same about the new site.

    • AnonFur says:

      Good question. If they completely replaced the backend in a week they likely didn’t build all of it from scratch, but I do wonder how much was pre-made.

  4. Donner says:

    I am so glad you guys are doing this, and I know there are many others that are just as grateful. Please ignore the rude comments people are making, they are just a slim few of your many appreciative fans. Thank you so much for this.

  5. RAD Moose says:

    FurryMate – You might want to paws er pause your ad campaign on FA that says now open.

  6. Andrew_Fox says:

    Where the site?

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