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FurryMate Update 2

We have been hard at work this week to migrate our website to a new cloud server.

Unfortunately, things are taking longer than expected and after the transfer we found additional issues with our software. We are now working and will continue to work all weekend to resolve these problems.

We would like to sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused to everyone in our community.

There have been many questions and inquiries since the launch. To answer a few:

  • We will be offering a new prelaunch special where all memberships will be free for a period of two weeks so you can evaluate our work
  • We will upgrade not only the first 250 people that joined, but the first 350 will be automatically upgraded for an extra month after the initial two week trial
  • You may need to reregister your account but we have retained records of everyone who joined
  • We will be revamping pricing after the initial two week trial
We appreciate your patience as we learn and grow to suit everyones needs. We can’t wait to help you find that purrfect partner!

18 Comments on “FurryMate Update 2”

  1. Mathias-Wolf says:

    That’s good that you’re still working on getting the website back up. Hopefully, when it does return, it’ll actually be stable and not not be facing the current issues it has been going through.

    Aside from that, all of the apologizing in the world won’t bring the website into working order. I’d prefer less apologizing for mistakes made and more focus on sound, corrective actions being taken to resolve the issues, along with explaining what is being done to fix the problems and more details about the site itself, like you have provided in this update.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i agree, and have the site locked or something so you guys can have less traffic and get the site up faster

  3. Andrew_Fox says:

    Do I understand that my account has been 1N of 3 – 4, have regestrirovat again?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, looks like I got interested for nothing. Just one more disappointment for the furry community. Way to fail furrymate.com, way to fail.

  5. AnonFur says:

    I was really excited about this at first and have since been a little let down by things like slightly higher prices than I expected and the server crashing but… are some of these commenters serious?

    You guys have done absolutely everything right so far. A server failure IS NOT your fault. There was almost no way to judge exactly how much interest the site would get and obviously there has been a surprisingly large amount.

    Updates on the situation have been relatively common and the launch date of the site wasn’t mentioned until fairly late, which is good because you obviously didn’t want people to be disappointed if the date wasn’t met.

    Now after all the negative comments there is going to be a trial and a reevaluation of the pricing as well as not only guaranteeing the original free month deal but expanding it to 100 more people (furs?).

    Anyway some of the people commenting should be ashamed of themselves. This hasn’t been a perfect launch but it’s at the very least respectable. I’ve seen much worse.

    My biggest complaint is that the promotion is for the first 350 to join when that’s not giving an equal shot to everyone. It makes more sense to do some sort of random drawing. Not to mention that such an event will obviously cause a rush in traffic which is never good for any reason. A random drawing for everyone who signed up on day one would’ve had a similar effect of getting many people to join on day one without the massive influx of traffic or the bias due to careers and time zone differences.

  6. Jinxtigr says:

    I’d like to see an option without repeating payments- apparently I’m a tycoon because I don’t need to panic about your price range, but I do not like the automatic debit aspect. Bill me, and I’ll stay up to date- switch parts or all of the service off if I don’t pay- but don’t make my only option to sign up for a continuing automatic payment. I’ll be more likely to bail simply because there’ll be anxiety that I can’t actually turn it off.

    • Jonathan says:

      Tycoon….you build roller coasters? :Y

    • AnonFur says:

      So I think you should be able to sign up for a month and then repeat that every month. It’ll be a little more expensive but buying in bulk/in advance is pretty much always cheaper.

      I doubt it automatically resubscribes otherwise they wouldn’t give options for a certain number of months. I think last I saw it was 1 month, 3 months and a year or something to that effect.

  7. demonicwolf says:

    I like anonfur

  8. Peridotkitty says:

    I can’t believe how sour people are being about this.

    Here you guys are, trying to make our lives better, and people are bitching about a server crashing?
    Sure its disappointing, but not the end of the world, and certainly not ANYONE’s fault.

    By the way, thanks for working so hard for us, and even more so, thank you for introducing the free 2 week trial. There was so many things I found in my 10 minutes of browsing the site that was members only, that got me a little down. I’m a freshly released student with debts and no job…but I don’t really want to keep ‘single’ on that list lol

    Keep working guys, there are people out there that appreciate what you’re doing.

    • Synica says:

      We’re not pissed off at them for a server crash.

      Some of us have been watching these guys parade around for months, hyping up ‘an announcement date for an announcement date for the release date’, taking weeks to sort out problems, and then when they finally release it, they VASTLY underestimate how much interest would be invested. Literally, they ran through their whole month’s bandwidth in under 24 hours. You don’t do that by ‘slightly’ underestimating site traffic. They bought likely the cheapest, simplest model they could get away with and expected it to work.

      Worst of all is it’s now been a week after the release date and everything is now back to square one, where they’re once more working on problems and are so unsure of what’s going on, they can’t even give a basic timeframe for re-release.

      Besides that, the more I think about this site and it’s likely ‘patrons’, the less I’m interested in it. I get the distinct impression it will be populated by the most deranged and desperate members of the already socially inept furry fandom, based on the average members of normal dating sites and the fact that this one is designed for furries.

      I believe my interest in this site in retrospect has just flat-lined indefinitely.

      • AnonFur says:

        Maybe they were completely off but I barely expected 300-500 people and there are more than that liking the facebook page right now. Given the number of furries who don’t want to associate this with their facebook account, you could be talking about several times that.

        If they’ve never run a website it’s possible they had a wrong idea of how much bandwidth a single user would use up as well.

        You can’t blame them for advertising something that could very easily bomb without proper support. As something that revolves around the members that join it, there is no such thing as too many members and thus no such thing as too much advertising.

        It’s clear that they didn’t give any sort of date because they didn’t want to give a date only to push it back. It’s very difficult to know when a site will be up and fully operational, giving a set date is blatantly idiotic and will earn you a much worse reputation than giving vague time frames if you can’t keep it.

        As for the people who will join it, don’t confuse the maybe 50 or so people who comment with the hundreds (possibly thousands?) who are obviously interested. Those willing to comment are often those with the most extreme opinions. The facebook page in particular because you can’t post anonymously.

        The way sites like this end up with only the most deranged and desperate individuals is when people like yourself are quick to judge and jump ship, causing others to leave because the site isn’t popular enough. So that’s really a self-fulfilling prophecy if you ask me.

  9. Jonathan says:

    hurry up dam it D<, i need to find my soul mate before i lose interest and die.

  10. direwolf says:

    I am also of the opinion that you really cannot predict how much traffic you will get through a site and the server going down was not anybody’s fault. Also thank you for providing a furry dating site, the first I have seen and much needed, and for all your hard work, I have alot of experinece in the feild since i am currently building a world of warcraft/guild wars, guild hosting site and I know first hand how much work goes in to building and customising a site, so thank you again

  11. Shadowwolf says:

    Can’t wait to see the site when it comes back up! thank you for making a site like this.

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