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Still working!

We are really sorry! As you know FurryMate.com launched on Monday, and soon after went down due to the overwhelming traffic load.

Since then, we have been working all night and day to migrate to a cloud server with another provider that should solve the problems we are having.

We sincerely apologize for the issues so far, and we are looking forward to being up and running and better then ever as soon as possible. We won’t sleep until it’s done.


20 Comments on “Still working!”

  1. nixes says:

    Just wondering if the prices will be looked at $18 a month seems kinda like a rip off, ya i know this is a one of a kind site now for the fandom but still seems alittle bit high.

    • steven says:

      I saw the prices then I was in the test it was like 8.99 month not sure where you got 18$

    • ZaktheBat says:

      It’s actually pretty competitively priced with match.com

      According to this page, which admittingly may be wrong but I dont think it is:


      it’s much more expensive. 🙂

      Admittingly, they should probably say what it is per-month when you sign up for a multi-month deal so people dont just see bigger and bigger prices. That may make it look less expensive.

      • Kellic says:

        The difference being is match.com is established. It has a HUGE database of people. You aren’t going to be able to say the same about furrymate for a while and frankly. I don’t expect much in MN to begin with. *shrugs* I would almost say have a ramping scale for 6 months. First month is free, 2nd is $3, 3rd is $6, 4th is $8, etc. Ramp it up as people join because at the end of the day you user base is the most important asset you have, and until that is established…..now that said. Its obvious you need serious server hardware NOW. So I can see it going either way.

  2. RAD Moose says:

    To those @FurryMate, relax. Take your time. There is no reason to work yourself to death and end up with a buggy implementation.

    Let those members that did get signed up into a PRIVATE Beta of the new site to make sure everything is ok, and then do a invite only beta in waves to make sure your site can handle the load. Then open it back up.

    Wish you guys the best!

    • Skye Renard says:

      You would know about how to instruct people to run a scam site. I paied into your scam of a site for lifetime membership and that didnt even last. I am already seeing signs of this site going the same way as yours. not any place I want to put a single cent in. I will go for a major non furry dating site paying this price and having a STABLE site. I don’t need another furry scam

      • Kellic says:

        Lifetime memberships are always a risk. Deal with it. I bought a Star Trek Online lifetime membership and while it hasn’t tanked its not exactly WoW levels.

  3. Mathias-Wolf says:

    The way I see it, Furrymate has two strikes against of ’em thus far. The first being the site said it would be up in April and it took until May 16 to do it.

    Then the second is two-fold. When the site finally goes up, it doesn’t stay up for too long and a statement was made that servers were being upgraded and it would be up again within 24 hours. That did not occur.

    I’m not a businessman in the slightest, however, even I understand that making promises that do not pan out lowers confidence in the product. It brings into question what type of owners are selling the product. If they’re amateurish or professional. That sort of thing.

    Now, I’m willing to stick around to see what happens with the FurryMate website. Primarily because I was one of the lucky ones to actually get partially through the registration process and make an account before the server overloaded. I didn’t get to validate my email. That’s all. I can always do that when it comes back up, presuming that it doesn’t have some sort of “you have x amount of time to validate or…” program codes built in.

    Secondarily would be because of what I did get to see of the site before it went down, FurryMate actually looked somewhat unique and comprehensive, despite the buggy issues. Once or if it becomes stable, it has the potential to do well. There aren’t many furry dating sites out there that I’m aware of and I’m taking a wait and see position with this one.

    For the time being, I’m still on Pounced, but will continue to check updates on FurryMate and be checking every day to see if it has popped back up into working order.

  4. Jonathan says:

    i just hope there are scalies too once the site gets going :3~

    • DingoRabiit says:

      There’s usually scalies hangin’ around when furrys are nearby…
      Always lookin for other scalies…..
      Darn scalies……

  5. Wolphin says:

    I work in IT, and it is always very, very bad to give a hard number for when you will be live/working, as it seems to never be able to make those times.

    Other than that, I am extremely unhappy with the preformance of this site and will not be paying for anything unless the system is running and stable, and I can see a clear value for it.

    Using the cloud… little leary to give much details to it, over the privacy guarentees of the provider.

  6. demonicwolf says:

    scalies? Like snakes?

  7. Synica says:

    looool, still ramping this shit up? You guys are becoming worse than Duke Nukem Forever was before Gearbox software took over.

    Stop putting out release dates and announcements. Just say it’ll be done when it’s done and focus on getting it going.

  8. demonicwolf says:

    (Growls sexually) I want a crocodile.

  9. Andrew_Fox says:

    When the site do?

  10. demonicwolf says:

    The site sucks. Not worth trying unless credit card or some form of currency is available.

  11. demonicwolf says:

    They have yet to finish the payment page so no clue.

  12. Jinxtigr says:

    I hope you’ve slept! 🙂

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