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OOPS we crashed the server!

After upgrading our hosting on the weekend for the launch, we thought we were more then ready to go!

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming level of traffic our website has to be taken down temporarily to upgrade our servers. This should be completed within 24 hours.

First we would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have have caused. We really appreciate the overwhelming support and kind words that we have received. We appreciate your patience as we get this fixed as soon as possible.

As promised, The first 250 accounts will be upgraded as soon as we have the hosting issue fixed.

We can’t wait to be up and running again 🙂

Stay tuned!


9 Comments on “OOPS we crashed the server!”

  1. Ok, well at least it’s up and running now in some capacity. Least there’s a product sort of out of the door.

    Once things are running smoothly, I and others would be interested to hear what roadmap you have planned for FurryMate. I’m sure you guys have different things you want to gradually implement in. 🙂

  2. Oh wow xD
    It makes me wonder exactly how many hits you guys had to make it crash so fast!

    I guess there’s quite a few more single furs out there than anyone realized.

    Good luck with launch #2!

  3. SadPanda says:

    Hopefully the free upgrade thing will be reset. Some of were TRYING to sign up since the site opened, but couldn’t get the request through.

  4. Mathias-Wolf says:

    I guess I was one of the ‘lucky ones’ to slip in and get an actual account made during my 30 min lunch break… though it took 25 min to do it. And with the server down, I can’t even verify my email add or anything that I got from the furrymate website. Hope that doesn’t boot my registration / screw anything up with it.

  5. demonicwolf says:

    I made my account. =D

  6. Spiritfire says:

    You should make it more than 250 for the free upgraded accounts since it was so hard to even get in at all to attempt registration. Rather than giving it to the 250 who managed to get in by pushing their way through with brute force, give it to all who did manage to register before the servers were taken down entirely.

    At least that’s just my opinion.

  7. Leshpar says:

    I tried to make my account within an hour of launch and I was unable to. All it gave me was a messed up registration page and then a blank page after about 10 minutes of trying to get it to work. I do want the free upgrade, but I was unable to get it to work. I use mozilla firefox 4.0.1 on windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit using a dsl wired connection with dynamic IP.

    I am not single, but I still wanted to make an account to find friends and like minded individuals to talk to and potentially more. I am sure there are tons like me who also will be opening an account with you. Please reset the free account upgrade since it wasn’t our fault we couldn’t register.

  8. Miko Ferret says:

    I got my account set up and confirmed before crash. I can’t wait for the site to come back up. 🙂

  9. Wolphin says:

    I had started trying to sign up within an hour as well, but kept just getting timeouts or blank pages, so never did – the first 250, although very lucky to get on… that isn’t fair to the rest of us that were trying for hours!

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