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Release date update

We have have been hard at work on www.FurryMate.com – Where real relationships begin.

Unfortunately, there are a few more software bugs to fix before we can finally launch our site. We were hoping to fix these before the end of the month, but they will take a little longer to figure out then anticipated.

We will keep everyone posted, in the mean time remember to like our Facebook page, and follow us on twitter!

We appreciate all your patience and support.


12 Comments on “Release date update”

  1. I understand that when there’s problems you need to fix it but there is a general anticipation that this will be released in April.

    Not that I think this is going to end up forever delayed like Duke Nukum, but I would argue there’s a risk of miscalculating the balance of getting people excited with anticipation and delivering on expectation.

    We scarcely know much other than there will be a tiered membership scheme and some sort of instant messenger system. Perhaps other tibets of info but these aren’t been centralised on the website but rather spread through Twitter.

    I presume you’re going for the ‘keep quiet and show all on release’, which is all fine and good but the longer the wait goes the higher the expectations will become, perhaps unrealistically so.

    But I suppose in fairness at the end of the day it’s not going to matter in the long term once the service is up and running, as most of the people who’ll join will do so months and years after the release when they didn’t have to wait to see what the service was.

  2. Mathias-Wolf says:

    I signed up back in late March / early April and just find it a little disappointing that the site won’t be up at all, since it was promised “Coming in April” and technically, that’s not true, unless it comes up today.

    I’m a bit wary on the cost issue too of using the site. ‘m not very big on paying for dating websites when others are available for free, such as Pounced.org

    I don’t use Matched or any of those other non-furry sites because they’re so expensive with little chance on a profitable result of a relationship.

    Also, being a gay male, I’m not sure how much your site will help me, given it promises a “consistent ratio of males and females.”

    That sorta doesn’t help me out, as it would draw in straight males, looking for straight or bisexual females.

    I’m willing to give your site a chance, regardless. I just hope it’s worth using is all, in the end.

    • As I understand from little bits of information, it’s 2 tier so there will be free accounts. Presumably it’s based on a freemium model where most people take up the free account and a small number who take the premium get extra features not everyone needs and that small number covers the cost of everyone else.

  3. Synica says:

    Yeah… I’d advise against repeatedly doing this.

    Honestly, having an announcement date for an announcement date for a release date it… Pathetic. You’re trying too hard at this point. Honestly, if I’m going to keep watching, I’d like some substance to the updates, such as what you’re working on specifically and what’s going wrong instead of just ‘technical difficulties’.

    I’ve been watching for a few weeks now and already I’ve gotten bored of the constant updates.

    Feel free to tell me when it’s actually done though.

    • I agree with the general sentiments.

      My suggestion to the FurryMate team is to take a leaf out of InkBunny’s book. They do regular updates at least once every fortnight if not once a week. They’re quite open about what they’re working on and let people know what they’re fixing.

      I hope when FurryMate does get launched you will remember to update your blog on a regular basis like InkBunny, it’s all about communicating instead of letting people speculate.

  4. ShadWolf says:

    I can’t wait to see this when it’s launched! ^^ I just recently found out about this, and this is something I’m anticipating for. I hope all goes well for your launch date.

    • Aura-Wolf says:

      Yes! I also anticipate the opening of this site! I’m a straight male, about to turn 16 actually But it sounds like there are a lot of issues. 😦

  5. DingoRabiit says:

    We could really use some substance within these watery drops of infomation, Let us know whats going wrong, So atleast some of us can go “oh well that’ll take xyz time to fix i think”
    It gives us less cliffhanger buildup and puts our minds at ease when we can estimate how long it will be until the next update

  6. Gavrock says:

    I cant wait for this site to come online ive tried to look for a perfect someone on pounced but they have terrible service in my opinion

  7. Gavrock says:

    will i be able to find someone on this site like u would on match or eharmony or something like that?

  8. Aura-Wolf says:

    Hmm…I wonder if this site will be as good as other dating sites…? Or is it better in some way? The only real advantage I see is that I’ll get to meet female furries,(Wolves like me preferably). I’m a straight male and I’m about to turn 16, and as much as I am anticipating for the opening of this site, I’m also hearing negative things about the site…

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