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Contest winner announced!

Last week we had a contest asking why you should be the one to win a free lifetime membership to FurryMate.com. We received an outstanding number of entries. The responses we received were touching, interesting, and even humorous, click here to check out the entries. It was really hard to pick just one winner.

And the winner is…

After much deliberation we have chosen Mizu Astrum for the life time membership. Congratulations!

The winning entry

“For me, I’m a natural Cupid. The friends I know in real life and on the internet can testify. I’m the type that usually is willing to sacrifice my own interests and feelings to make someone else happy. While I have not been in the fandom for too long, I know that there is a furry out there that shares similar experiences and interests… as I. I am starting to become more independent and want to find love for myself so that I can be happier, which is something I’m not use to. Maybe I’ll find a girl or guy who will see that confidence I found in myself recently and help me explore different parts of myself that I never seen possible. So with this free membership I hope to find that someone that will help me spread love not only to ourselves, but to all who seek it.”


One Comment on “Contest winner announced!”

  1. This site has paid membership? Least I think this seems to imply there’s different kinds of memberships. There’s been so little information about the nature of the dating website on the blog I have no idea what to expect.

    Well I expect it’ll probably look modern compared to the competition.

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