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Your input?

Are there any particular types of features that you would like to see on FurryMate.com? Let us know what you think.

Our goal is to please our users!

Let us know by leaving a comment below 🙂


10 Comments on “Your input?”

  1. Valacc says:

    Well i would like to see a section that shows locals where you are on furrymate, and where others are near you.

  2. furrymate says:

    Thank you for your input. We will do our best to accommodate your suggestion.

  3. hi-jera_wingfox says:

    Interesting… A lot of furries in my country don’t know English. Will it have any translations? So, i can help with translation on Russian.

  4. Kit says:

    Maybe it is just me but your options you list on the front page feels kinda limited to me. There is no option for a man or woman to say they are looking for either gender and don’t want to pick just one. I suppose I can understand why you would like someone to pick one or the other but for someone like myself who is unsure of if they want to be with a man or woman it feels very limiting.

    Once the site is launched will I be able to pick an option like this or is what we see what we get? I am very new to the dating site world so I am not sure how these places run. :/

  5. furrymate says:

    Yes, we are definitely adding that option for our actual website. Do not hesitate to sign up as you will be able to change your choice later.

  6. Valacc says:

    Will you leave a guesstimate time period for when FurryMate.com will be officially online, such as First week of April for example? It will put quite a few of us at ease for this date. In Best Regards

  7. Some Javascript Ajax goodness wouldn’t go amiss. I don’t mind a website loading a new page when it’s a new section, but under certain circumstances it’s just nicer to have the page updates itself without it having to reload the page.

    Like if you choose a filter option, I like it when listings update itself appropriately rather than the whole page having to do a reload.

  8. Tric says:

    I noticed your initial selection is EXTREMELY limited.

    First of all you’ve limited the selection process to male or female. Rare, yes, but there are others. (Herm, fem, etc.)

    Plus, you’ve also apparently ignored Bi’s and Pan’s by limiting choices to single gender affection.

    An Improvement, maybe, would be to use a check box system.

    I am a: | Looking for a
    [ ] Guy | [ ] Guy
    [ ] Gal | [ ] Gal
    [ ] __________| [ ] _________

  9. skippy says:

    A list of interests and a way to filter searches by those interests (e.g. “I’m ok with X, I’m not ok with Y”) would be neat.

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